9th Grade Autobiography Project

Project Overview 2009

Chapter 2: Neighborhood: “Where I’m coming from…”
– History of your neighborhood; a day in my life
Due: Rough Draft = Mon. 9/21
Final Draft = Tues. 9/29

Chapter 3: Family: “Before I was…”
– Family history, your birth
RD = Mon. 10/05
FD = Tues. 10/13

Chapter 4: Memoir: “An Indelible event…”
– Detailed description of an event you will never forget
RD = Fri. 10/23
FD = Fri. 10/30

Chapter 5: Critical Lens Prep: “The Best Advice…”
– Words of wisdom that guide your life
RD = Mon. 11/09
FD = Mon. 11/16

Chapter 6: Persuasive Argument: “It’s Not Fair…”
– Arguing that something that should change
RD= Mon. 11/23
FD= Fri. 12/04

Chapter 7: Letter: “Person you would like to meet or see again”
RD = Mon. 12/07
FD = Mon. 12/14

Chapter 8: Obituary / Speech: “My Future”
– Life achievements
RD = Fri. 12/18
FD = Wed. 12/23

Final Revisions
– Re-read autobiography, make final changes
Final 01/08

Chapter 1: Reflection: “Identity”
– Thematic analysis
– Writing process
RD= Mon. 01/11
FD=Tues. 01/19

Critical Thinking Questions
– Reflections on the autobiography
– Preparation for Presentation
Due: Mid January

PowerPoint Presentation
– Create 12 slide PowerPoint to accompany your presentation
– For Presentation (Visual Aid)
Due: Mid January

Chapter 9: Creative: “Graphic Novel”
– A “graphic” chapter expressing your personality in a creative way
– Illustrate a chapter you wrote
Due: Early February

• We will use the POWER writing process.
• First drafts and Final drafts MUST be typed.
• Late First and Final drafts lost 5 points per day late.
• Mr. Roukis will provide typing / extra help (date TBA).
• Students who have a chapter overdue will be required to stay afterschool to complete the missing work.

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