ELA Regents #3: Part 3: Q. 26 and 27

Outlines: Outlines for Q 26-28

Outlines for Q 26-28

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HW: “Fences” – Quiz on Act II (and Text Form)

Please update your text forms – they are due Wednesday, 5/14.

You will have a quiz on Act II, and the play in general, on Tuesday, 5/13. STUDY!

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12th Graders – Artifact #7 (Independent Study) – outline: due Jan. 2nd (4a) + 3rd (4b)

Globalization Artifact 7 – Independent Study – outline

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HW: Test: 9/7/12

All students will take Part 4 of the ELA Regents Exam in class.  Students have seen Part 4 before: it is a critical lens essay. 

Students should bring a blue or black ink pen to class along with loose leaf paper.  I also recommend they study for the exam: they should use their 10th grade folders with their book reviews/summaries, which they will receive on Thursday 9/6/12.

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Thank you all for a great year! I will see the last few days of June, but let me say now: have a great summer! You were one of the best classes I have ever taught! Thank you again for a fantastic, fun year!

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HW: Romeo and Julie: Reading Log: Act IV: due Monday, June 11th, 2012

Read Act IV of Romeo and Juliet and answer the questions below. Cite accurately, please!

Questions: HW – Act IV

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HW: Reading Log: Romeo and Juliet: Act II: due Monday, June 4th, 2012

Please finish Act I and read ALL of Act II. Please complete the reading log questions on a separate piece of paper. All quotes MUST be from the Shakespearean version (even pages) and must be CITED!

Also, for #4 and 5 – write your quote on your answer sheet and on the chart. Explain how the quote shows your character and theme’s evolution throughout Act II.

Questions: HW – Act II

NOTE: all students with a HW average of over a 90% will be exempt from having to complete the final HW due on June 11th, 2012 – a reading log for Act IV. If you have an 88%-89% – do a good job on THIS HW and you might be exempt too. To see if you are already exempt – see http://www.teacherease.com!

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FINAL EXAM: Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Please prepare and study for your FINAL EXAM ESSAY. The final is based on the type of essay students will write when they take the English Language Arts Regents. It is called the Critical Lens Essay.

I will pick one of the Critical Lens’ from the list of nine the students were given.

Students MUST provide their own loose leaf paper and pen to take the exam.

Students are allowed to bring in the handout (see below). They may also bring in any copies of the readings that I have given them for mythology, The Iliad or The Odyssey.

All students MUST choose two texts we read this year to address and answer the Critical Lens in the essay, BUT one of the choices MUST be The Odyssey.

Here is the handout: Final Exam – Critical Lens – new

Good luck!

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EXTRA CREDIT: Greek Pottery: due Friday, May 25th, 2012

Please follow the directions and create an example of Greek Pottery for a scene from The Odyssey! Have fun!

Directions: Greek Pottery Art – Extra Credit

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The final quiz for sections C and D will be on Wednesday (5/23) and for sections E, A and B the final quiz will be on Thursday (5/24).

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